Sage 50 Accounts 2009

All about Sage line 50

Setting up budgets in Sage Line 50

In today’s time of credit crunch it is important that we have our expenses under control and also setup budgets to keep a regular watch of things. You can use the sage line 50 to keep an eye on a range of business costs. Budgets can be set up for:

Nominal codes

You can use the standard budgeting, a basic budgeting feature you can use to view your budget, actuals and previous years figures.

Alternatively, you can choose to use Advanced budgeting, which includes up to five years historical figures and is designed to improve budget set up.


This is part of the advanced budgeting feature. You can choose to analyse the department budget by nominal categories such as Sales, Purchases or Overheads. Or you can analyse the budget against a nominal code.

Products (Accounts Plus and Accounts Professional only)

You can view your budget, actuals and previous year figures at the same time. The actuals are automatically updated for you when  invoices, sales orders or credit notes are generated.

(Accounts Plus and Accounts Professional only)

A budget can be set up for a project on the project record. As costs are applied to the project you can track project costs including spend against budget.

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